July 2020

The latest posts on the website are about the "I am in a dream: lost recordings" (2020) album of archive material: 15 acoustic folk songs, have been gathered and now is enjoying their new freedom from being released from the archive. I am in a dream was released in June 2020. 

note the albums and singles released 2019: Everything That Happened (2019) - including 10  recordings varying from folk to soundscapes. In English and in Swedish. Some titel in German. And the album While Pushing The Blues Away with a folkier set of songs. Recordings were from the years 2006-2016. Before this also in 2019 I released the Blå måne song with an illustrated cover album made by the Berlin illustrator and artist Bene Rohlmann.The song is special and I also recorded an english version of the song named Blue Moon. The two songs released on the Everything That Happened album. 


Videos have been uploaded under the last few years to Youtube. These not only music videos but video collages, soundscapes, sound and video and music, unreleased folk songs and even a few band recordings (clarinet, drums, backing vocals, washboard, bass or something else on a tune)

Now 8 folk records have been released since 2010. Tim Schmidt is now gathering music from another musical style found in his archival recordings. 

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