Tim Schmidt's homepage site does include released and unreleased songs, soundscapes and other recordings [2003-2020] and texts on art, "på svenska" and video collages, too. It's in the blog. Find also links and embedded social media posts.

15 dreamy folk recordings was released on the I am in a dream: lost recordings album which is now available to stream [as of June 11 2020]. They were made in the city and in the forest. In Sweden, Denmark and England in the years 2005-2012.  


The recordings were reappearing in the archives, this time in Berlin, 2015-2020 and finally released under the name Catalyst, Umbrella & Co. in 2020. 


The sounds, songs and words are now, therefore, not longer only mine. 

Stream on Spotify here or play it or download on Bandcamp for only 7€

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