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Chronological order, 2020-2015

songs in recordings (Alphabetical order, 2003-2020) 


  • 750 Miles

  • 10 000 Worries

  • Arrows - stream/download/yt

Arrows s - stream, download

At the embassy s

Balloon Rangers

Balloons s stream, download

Barbed wire fence s

Before Footprints s 

Black mountain blues s

Black Sheep Boy s stream, download

Black Sheep boy (Alternate) - stream, download

Blue Moon s

Brighton Beach s - stream, download

Brother s - stream, download

Blue s

Blue is your name s - stream, download

Blue monday/slower things s - stream, download

Blue moon - stream, download

Blå Måne s - stream, download

Brighton Beach - stream, download

Carolina s - stream, download

Catclaw s

Chains s

Circle game s

Coal and firewood s

Copenhagen Blues s

Come on Home s

Crows cracks them skies s - stream, download

Crow Jane Crow Kaine s - stream, download

Da Da Ding s

Dark Horse s - stream, download

Demons s - stream, download

Demons (II) s  - stream, download

Der Dritte Mann

Desperate Man s

Det är dags att dansa min vän s - stream, download

Diamond Day - stream, download

Dominoes s

Dove s - stream, download

Easy s

Eldorado s - stream, download

Eldorado (pt. II) s - stream, download

End titels s

Es Geht Weiter v

Ett nöje att vandra med dig s - stream, download

Everything is gonna be OK s - stream, download

Fare Thee Well s

Fly s

Fool like me s

Footprints s + v

Forward s

Fourth way around s

Field s

First two s

Free s - stream, download

Glückstadt s - stream, download

Go Kaw s

God only knows s 

Golden Arizona s - stream, download

Green s - stream, download

Grey/Dog s - stream, download

Gypsy river s

Hangin´ on a string s 

Hazy day s

Helene´s song s

Here comes that mountain s

Home s - stream, download

Home Again s

Hazy night s

Hänga den på vattnet s 

I am humming s

I am gonna start a new book s - stream, download

I have been told s

I have got no ace s

I have got no idea s

I put my ear to the railroad s - stream, download

I spend the morning s

Idaho s

If only I could ramble like that black eyed dog is s

Intermission Psalm s

It´s been a long journey s

J.C. is back s - stream, download

Jetplane s

Julia (Slower Things 2009 version) s - stream, download

Julia (Slower Things 2010) s

Julia (Hamburger Küchensessions 2011) - stream, watch

Julia s

Julia II s 

Julia pt III s - stream, download

Keep punching Joe s - stream, download

Lee s - stream, download

Let in the new day s - stream, download

Let's take a ride s - stream, download

Lighthouse keeper s

Limelight s

Little Blue Rag (Blues 6) s

Long Journey s

Love and Death s

Maria just like wind s - stream, download

Min Horisont s - stream, download

Most peculiar of dreams  s

My first love s

My sugar so sweet s

Necessary talkin´blues s

No direction home s

No #2 s

On a night like this s - stream, download

One of them branches s - stream, download

Over that hillside s

Own Crosses s

Part of the Road s

Path s + v

Permanet Vacation s - stream, download

River music s  - stream, download

Pouring water on a drowning man s


Rover s

Russians in Karlsruhe s

Saviour Machine s - stream, download

Secrets s

She is a red haired woman s

She moves me s  - stream, download

So its written and so its said s

Solid ground s

Smalltown Flower s

Steps of the Waltz s

Steps of the Walts (pt. II) s

Stuck in my wheel s

Stupid habits s - stream, download

Strange that you are here s 

Sweetheart Tonight s

Talkin´Time s

Tangled up, held down s

Termite s

The end of act II s

The Killing of Jean Charles de Mendez (Menezes) s

The third man s

The urge of going s

Thoughts in ink s

Thin air and blank sheets s

Thin man's blues s

Three times too many s - stream, download

Time s

Time pt II s

Time Traveler s

Tomorrow you might now s  - stream, download

Tree upon the hill s

Tape I s

Tune II s

Tune III (and other songs of mine) s

Upon that hillside s  - stream, download

Utan titel eins s+v+v

Vacation für Alle

Webersgade s

Werewolf s

Where backwards violins play  v

What I've been looking for s - stream, download

What I've been looking for (take II) s - stream, download

Who would you run to? s - stream, download

Why are they always the same? s

Work in Progress s

Yaya river s - stream, download

Yhree Song s

You are just like a child s

A boy dreaming away v


Videos och video collages and music videos

About 2 Minutes vs

Arrows (short) v

Before Footprints V

Blue Moon

Blå Måne s

Chains s s

Det är dags att dansa min vän s

Der Dritte Mann

Es Geht Weiter

Ett nöje att vandra med dig s

Everything is gonna be OK

Fool like me s

Footprints s + v

Fooey Fooey (Michael Hurley)

Forward s

Fourth way around s

Field s

First two s

Före en blå måne

Glückstadt s

Go Kaw s

Golden Arizona s

Here comes that mountain s

Home Again s

Hazy night s

Hänga den på vattnet s

I spend the morning s

Idaho s

Impossible Love (Daniel Johnston)

Intermission Psalm s

Julia - Hamburger Küchensessions s

Keep punching Joe s

Let in the new day s

Love and Death s

Maria, just like wind

Maria, just like wind  s

On a night like this s

Over that hillside



River music

Space Oddity

Stupid habits s

Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran)

Tape I:III

The third man s

The urge of going s

Time Traveler w/ Olle Schmidt s

Tree upon the hill s

Whites are stealing minerals in Congo v

Utan titel eins s

Vacation für Alle

Webersgade ss

Who would you run to? s

Yhree Song s

Music solo albums (Chronological order, 2003-2020) 

Everything That Happened 2019

While Pushing The Blues Away 2019

(Temporary Release) 2017-2018

Permanent Vacation: Archives 2007-2014 2014

TINAR 2013

Dog 2012

Yaya River 2011

Slower Things 2010

Music Compilation Albums 

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