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Catalyst, Umbrella & Org. TINAR RECORDS Tim Schmidt Blog

Art Tartare on Instagram is another blog of mine.


I recently started posting artworks and music on a site namely Art Tartare. Here are the latest six artworks, which are accompanied by music like....


...all the music are thereby saved in a playlist on Spotify named Art Tartare's Instagram Music playlist (there are momentarily 25 tracks!):


- The Instagram page 'Art Tartare' on Instagram

- And the playlist on Spotify named Art Tartare's Instagram Music playlist:


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This is a Tim Schmidt pump organ video from 2017.

"Found this pump organ video from 2017 on YouTube. I was surprised to find it."

#pumporgan #video #pumporganvideo #music #archive #short

In the wake of Hazy Night. we asked straight out: "Will there be more music releases with music by Tim Schmidt soon?". And we did get an instant reply.

Tim Schmidt: "I have my mind set on releasing quite a few albums of music in 2023".

Photo 1: Bearded Tim Schmidt gig in Malmö, Southern Sweden.

Photo 2. Not quite sure at this moment. From Tim Schmidt´s camera or not. Will get back on the matter. I hope.

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