Tim Schmidt recorded Neil Young's "Are you ready for the Country?" in 2005/06 and Tim Hardin'c Classic "If I Were A Carpenter" a few years before that.

Are you ready for the country? I had some idea of doing it in the direction of Grateful Dead's A Workingman's Dead album, I suppose...

If I Were A Carpenter

And here a version of Tim Hardin's classic If I Were A Carpenter (2003-2005), which also slipped out onto YouTube. Tim Schmidt recorded this one in: ca 2003-2005. Also here the video one will see the lyrics rolling on by as the words, of that poor man in the song, is being sung. It's just Slow TV.

So yeah, I dusted this one off for you in this SLOW TV-clip. It's just another way of releasing the songs, I suppose. More updates on new albums and recordings and cover versions of other folk' songs shall follow [if it still makes sense then] follow the youtube channel facebookinstagram, and this here blog, of course, to be sure of catching any action. So to speak.

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