Who Cares for chronological storytelling these days any way?

Well, here comes a photo update. One C***** spring selfie, of kinds, I reckon. It was snapped at home, Berlin, Neukölln May 28 2020.


Momentarily there are 73 tunes by Tim Schmidt on the streaming and downloading platforms. Yes, but what is really going down there in the factory, Mr.?


there shall be a new record release this year, and all thatThe word has been out before and the dates have been pushed a few times by now: . The date has been pushed forward a few times by now. Already in June however, there will be more songs online.

The S in Releases

In Short: Not one but several albums are rumored to be released this year!

50-100 recordings est. to be released 2020. "Stylisticillay?", you ask. "It is a thorough drilling through the layers of Americana, Folk, Blues, Country, and Instrumental & Vocal 1960's pop & Crooner Psychedelia through the archive of recordings. Raw and live and cracked like old time music".

And there is more to come.

In this post from 2020 are a few tips in how to find the music by Tim Schmidt. Or click the icons on the top corner of this website : http://www.timschmidt.se


While sites like Spotify, iTunesAmazon, Deezer are safe bets for finding the momentarily 73 songs spread over 7 albums.

Streama 73 låtar på Spotify och

andra streaming-tjänster.

Bandcamp is rather the place for buying one-off CD's.


Tim Schmidt Youtube channel Just Like Sessions is however the best way for finding unreleased tunes, as well as music & collage videos.

In the Archive and News on this website you might find music, videos, news and archive-stuff, art critique; visuals, text... and who cares for chronological storytelling these days anyway?

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Everything that Happened

is a folk archive collection feat. 10 original (and previously unreleased) songs by Tim Schmidt. It was released in April 2019. The songs Find it on streaming sites, as download or on Youtube.

Quick Album Preview On Youtube:

The songs are found on most major streaming sites. Here below a link to Spotify and one to Youtube. ie Det är dags att dansa min vän is easily accessible on YouTube.

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