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On Nov 4th 2023 Tim Schmidt´s 9th album Purple Limelight A Lost Folk Tape Saga is out on all digital services. 10 recordings made in 2005 - 2011 feat. folk bits and a few guest appearances on Saxophone, Clarinet, Backing vocals, Harmonica, Upright Bass appear on 3 tunes - two of them are live recordings from 2007 and 2008.

"Limelight A Lost Folk Tape Saga: 2005-2011" is a collection of tunes written and recorded by Swedish indie artist Tim Schmidt in ca. 2005-2011. The 10 original folk songs are finally being released via Waldhütte Wildbühne in 2023. A piece of tape and typed song titles, a portrait of a seated Prince Schmidt is seen on the green cover of the album filled with previously unheard tunes now found through a incredible music find found in a dusty attic space. The photo on the cover is a selfportrait snapped in the summer of 2012 in an abandoned house in south-east Sweden.

*Guests on vocals: harmonica, saxophone, clarinet, bass are also to be found. in two songs. Yes like the 2nd song Lighthouse Keeper is hypnotic but grounded folk.

Musicians are Emma Bensing (Vocals), Maja Landin (Clarinet), Jennie Ståbis (Vocals, Harmonica), Johannes Ståhl (Bass), Simon Winqvist (Saxophone), and Tim Schmidt (all live takes on acoustic guitar & vocals, and the rest of the instruments and prod. and so on). All names named appear on this album. Two songs were recorded live in concert (2007, 2008) by Johan Christoffersson and Juhani Hemilä and co. Kenta, Jonathan and more. All other recordings by Tim Schmidt.

All songs written by Tim Schmidt.

On all streaming sites (like Spotify, iTunes, Apple, Tidal etc.)


NOVEMBER 4 2023.

Hänga den på vattnet is a recording by Tim Schmidt. Stream it online now.

It is a short one. Unreliable. Wee bit groovy. Unearthed from the archive and now online on the streaming services, too. It is also to be found on YouTube and in this blog, too. The song was written and recorded in Germany. "I believe in Glückstadt". "Sung" in Swedish.

Hänga den på vattnet

Recorded years ago when released online for streaming availability in 2023. A short, different tune more. Here ’To hang it on the water’ sounds like a mix of mantra like lyrics of an impossibility, and a weird but kinda groovy instrumental backbeat. It swooshes by. ”Hey, what happened. One more time, per favor!” I hear all around me in this imagined castle.

It came out like this.

Art Tartare on Instagram is another blog of mine.


I recently started posting artworks and music on a site namely Art Tartare. Here are the latest six artworks, which are accompanied by music like....


...all the music are thereby saved in a playlist on Spotify named Art Tartare's Instagram Music playlist (there are momentarily 25 tracks!):


- The Instagram page 'Art Tartare' on Instagram

- And the playlist on Spotify named Art Tartare's Instagram Music playlist:


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