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A few videos and photos and texts were posted on my Social medias today. What joint or somewhat hidden message am I trying to deliver today?

Well, here is the slightly relative news for August 8 2020 seen through today's headlines:

Skip James & Mississippi John Hurt in a 35 minute radio show in 1964

The Katzen Café in Neukölln and my shopping list

Me playing the pump organ and smoking at the same time in a barn

A 'These days' version that hasn't been published since the mySpace days in a video with rolling lyrics

A guard in a distorted museum as well as something on Papillon on vinyl

What was I saying?

New Record

I Am In A Dream: Lost Recordings is a folk album by Tim Schmidt, digitally available on all major streaming sites on June 11th 2020.

15 original, dream folk crooner recordings released on the I am in a dream: lost recordings album is available to stream now [as of June 11 2020]. They were made in the city and in the forest. In Sweden, Denmark and England in the years 2005-2012.  Recordings were reappearing in Berlin. And was handled, produced and mastered and finally released in 2020 under Catalyst, Umbrella & Co. in 2020. The sounds, songs and words are now, therefore, not longer only mine. They were for too long.

You will find the 33 minutes of sounds, the first release in 2020, on most streaming platforms. Here it is on Spotify. Stream it also here > links <

Download all fifteen tracks for only 7€ (or more) right here on Bandcamp, It is the cheapest way to do it.

More "about" on "Backround Notes or Nostalgia?" >> link to text

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