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Tim Schmidt lives and works in Berlin. 

He is creating fingerpicked folk music and soundscapes, photography and video collages. He is also writing research-driven art critique for Swedish online art journals. Schmidt holds a MA in Art history and has been studying music; sound design and songwriting, as well. 

His music has been aired from Nebraska to India, Japan and Sydney and back to Europe where it originated. In a genre encompassing American and British folk traditions [READ REVIEWS] as well as the echoes of the landscapes of his past and present alike appear entwined in soundscapes of pump organs, acoustic guitars, typewriters typing, tv shows and do-wops.

Tim Schmidt has released 7 solo albums [on indie labels Analogsoul and Thanks for the Postcard in Leipzig and Montreal in 2009/2010 and 2011. He has however mostly released his lofi recordings on own labels with names as Just like records and This is not a record. 

In 2018 - 2019 two new singles Blå Måne & Blue Moon and two new albums were released. The first albums released since Permanent Vacation from 2014. 

He has done 250+ concerts in the EU, mostly as a solo act [few shows in a small band setting]. His intimate home-recordings are also featured on 10+ collections from Nebraska, Sydney, Hamburg, Gothenburg, Berlin, India, Japan etc. in the years 2007-2012.

In recent years Schmidt's catalogue has evolved to include appropriation as a tool for working on still- and moving images which, since the past few years, are becoming music and video collages on youtube channel. 

He was awarded with Swedish indie award: "Manifestgalans pris till årets osignade på MySpace 2008" at Nalen, Stockholm, 2009. 

Who cares for chronological storytelling these days anyway?

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