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Tim Schmidt blog, news and archive hole momentarily run by Catalyst, Umbrella & Org. Tinar Records and Tim Schmidt.

You can call it alternative bio. About Schmidt

Haiku-esque writings by country crooner in a series of intimate home recordings? Freak-, Dream- and Nordic Folk --- organic, soft & dreamy fingerpicked folk with layback vocals moving along with the guitar like a saxophone. Organic and rich in imagery, A perfect blend between American and English folk traditions in line with Bert Jansch, Kurt Vile, Michael Hurley, Nick Drake & J.J. Cale.

Tim Schmidt has released 8+ albums DIY-style and on some occasions through indie-labels like Analogsoul in Leipzig 2009-2010, Thanks for the Postcard in Leipzig/Montreal 2011, on some 10+ compilations from Nebraska, Hamburg, Australia to India and on his own Tinar Records in Germany, Denmark, Sweden 2012-2019.

As of late, instrumentals and soundscapes are entwined with his fingerpicked folk. ​Music spills into video collages and found sounds blend into  cocktails of rhythms; pump organ fueled rooms filled with typewriters and doh-wops. These tunes are like fairytales or short movies, sounding closer to John Lurie’s or Yo La Tengo’s music. 

Tim Schmidt has toured Europe since 2008 (solo concerts 2004- 2014) and released seven solo albums in Germany/Canada and Sweden since 2010-2019. The stor​ies uttered, often tales of obsessions, are told with a voice between Nick Drake, Michael H