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Tim Schmidt blog, news and archive hole momentarily run by Catalyst, Umbrella & Org. Tinar Records and Tim Schmidt.

Europa Blues. Background Notes on Tim Schmidt

Straight from the typewriter typing of the Catalyst, Umbrella & Org. news room.

- May 2 2020 -

° Europa Blues °

Background Notes on Tim Schmidt

Haiku-esque writings by country crooner in a series of intimate home recordings? Freak-, Dream- and Nordic Folk wildly steeped in American-, British- and Scandinavian- trad. and recorded in some spaced out barn in a dream? Call it whatever. Why not simply: Europa Blues?  

Tim Schmidt's is an intimate catalog of fingerpicked folk recordings, timeless and organic, almost natural in their habitual live setting where he, the picking troubadoure-crooner, make that lonesome limelight melt as he breaths puzzles and country twang in the center of attention in melody nets of folk guitar whilst performing a dreamy [but poetic and melodic] Feinschmecker-show for the folk through some dusty microphone. Since the 2010's also to be found through videos online.

[about tim schmidt's earlier music]

according to quotes:

... voice, songwriting & fingerpicking strikingly resembles the gentle art of a legend. The intimate, organic & twangy sessions posses a dreamlike veneer. The stories, often tales of obsessions, are told with a voice between Donovan, Nick Drake, Michael Hurley & Jeff Buckley, accompanied by his dexterous acoustic 6-string playing or in a cocktail of acoustic instruments & found sounds... for: quotes.

Background Notes or Nostalgia?

Swedish indie artist Schmidt has toured extensively across Europe and released some 8 solo albums in the past [x 2 last year]. These mostly through D.I.Y. underground self-releases whilst based in Scandinavia and Berlin and two solo CDs through indie-labels in Leipzig in the beginning of the 10’s, and before that a handfull of songs were released on a few handfulls of compilations (CD+Vinyl/DVD) from across the globe, some ten-fifteen years ago. Seems like a play on nostalgia, is "it"?

Find new & old music, photos,  videos, archive & news on: or And there are also plenty of options for streaming-, video-, CD and downloads online.

Thank you for your support.  It really means a lot! Sharing is caring etc.  

- May 2 2020 -

° Europa Blues °


Images in this post by

(1) Kwamie Liv, (2) Tim Schmidt (self) and (3) Helene Heuser.


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