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Tim Schmidt blog, news and archive hole momentarily run by Catalyst, Umbrella & Org. Tinar Records and Tim Schmidt.

Tim Schmidt covers Daniel Johnstons True Love Will Find You In The End & Impossible Love

Tim Schmidt plays two Daniel Johnston songs. Impossible Love & True Love Will Find You In The End.

Update from September 14, 2019

-Yes, I did record these songs, written by Magical Daniel Johnston. Impossible Love was recorded in London or Sweden in 2004-2006 and True Love Will Find You In The End was recorded in Sweden in on just around New Years Ewe 2008-2009. Below you will find these recordings.

Impossible love

True love will find you in the end

Impossible love, first video

I hold no copyright to the songs. The recordings are not offered, as downloads or such, elsewhere. Its only available on YouTube and cannot be found or bough elsewhere, as of yet.



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