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Tim Schmidt blog, news and archive hole momentarily run by Catalyst, Umbrella & Org. Tinar Records and Tim Schmidt.

Dreamy instrumental recording Hazy Night Out Dec 21st 2022

"Tape that draws likeness to no other..." streaming NOW

Yup! Indie-Swede Tim Schmidt release dreamy single Hazy Night

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Long overdue, wild dream cocktail Hazy night is set to see the light of day. The rumor is just in that indie Swede Tim Schmidt release dreamy single Hazy Night, which is an instrumental journey, already today on On December 21st 2022 at 11.49 am this instrumental tape (that draws likeness to no other) - was released by Lemon - and is now on digital streaming sites like Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, YouTube Music etc. Here is a link to this music release on Spotify:

it is the image for tim schmidt´s single hazy night 2022.A group of people without faces, the text hazy night is written right across the image that has the the colours pink purple and green
HAZY NIGHT Tim Schmidt 2022

This is the image chosen as the cover for tim schmidt´s hazy night single. We know nothing about the reasons why.

Here is a playlist of Tim Schmidt tunes on Spotify.

If you do not have Spotify you can just click, listen and buy on the Bandcamp site, here below, too. Tim Schmidt on Bandcamp.

+++ thanks for reading! listen, save songs to your playlists, like songs, share songs, follow the artist tim schmidt +++ it is much appreciated and helpful, and you get better music in your own suggestions too by doing so. I guess it is teaching the computers what kind of stuff you like, so it could keep feeding you stuff you dig. I hope you dog the tune. More releases of weird stuff from the archives is to be following this wee release.


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"Hazy night, soon streaming..."

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