Havin' a Wee Look Around with Whites are Stealing Minerals in Congo or Es Geht Weiter?

This is post about one instrumental in two videos, not about words, really.

But what about the titles "Havin' a Wee Look Around" or rather "Es Geht Weiter"? A few videos presents the matter on hand.

Yes, this instrumental recording has several potential titles already. A few videos presents the matter on hand. "Es get Weiter" is a video about false faced tarot readers in live Television and in "Whites are stealing minerals in Congo" video; some kind of white privileged family ding in oil country. The song is then named the more commonly used for the track "Havin´a wee look around".

and as the tune named Havin´a wee look around in the video Whites are stealing minerals in Congo

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