Havin' a Wee Look Around with Whites are Stealing Minerals in Congo & Es Geht Weiter

Havin' a Wee Look Around, Whites are stealing minerals in Congo or rather Es Geht Weiter?

Yes, this instrumental recording has several potential titles already. A few videos presents the matter on hand best. "Es geht Weiter" is the music in the video of kitschy, false-faced tarot readers in Spanish on live Television.

This is a post about one instrumental in two videos, not about words, really. What is really behind the titles "Havin' a Wee Look Around" or rather "Es Geht Weiter"?

Or one would hear it as the tune Havin´a wee look around (instrumental) as it is rolling on the Whites are stealing minerals in Congo video with found films of a privileged white family ding in oil country.