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Past The Shoeprint (From the Fire of 2013) Is The Song "Everything Is Gonna Be OK"


Well, The Cover is a Shoe print on a brownish sheet of paper.

I was reaching into the archives, picked folky "Everything is Gonna Be OK". The song was recorded in late 2012 in Malmö and published on the folk album TINAR in 2013. The single got a wee bit traction. But the album feat 8  folk songs,  few ainstrumentals and one song - Min Horisont - in Swedish! 

It could be said that the loving "Everything Is Gonna Be OK" And that dirtying shoeprint after the fire of 2013 are like opposites. A beauty and a beast. I do however disagree with such a hollow explanation from myself. And I say not that they are perfect opposites. They are nor a pair or opposites but entwined through music and photography, and now writing - as I am explaining myself, to myself, ha! -

To See Past The Shoeprint After the Fire of 2013

It might be difficult to see past that shoe print on a piece of paper on that album cover photo for folk album TINAR from 2013, and to connect that with arm and loving songs on the album, like the Everything is gonna be OK song. It is worth checking out.  

I found that sheet of paper on the floor of the room I lived in. It was in Brandenburg, after there had been a fire that burned down some rooms everything else in the rackety building construction* was covered in this thick, heavy and sticky smoke dust. Black fat covered all the belongings. Whatever they might have been.

Some fireman must have stepped into the room to check so there was no one there and brought the document in with his heavy shoe.

Something of the heart of the squat died perhaps or was at least broken that night it seemed. I stayed for another 3 months until I moved to a flat. Was I disrespectful finding a flat after a squat, or plain weird or just not really fitting in?

The single Everything is gonna be OK and the following album TINAR (meaning This is not a record) was published in 2013.

Well, doesn't it all sound just like in that ole recording.


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