Excerpt from 'Time traveler' + 'Olle Schmidt Tim Schmidt Co-op 2016: In The Studio' video

Archive: Video x 1, instrumental music "Time traveler" x 1
Format: Video for art exhibition 2016
Titel: (Excerpt from)Timetraveller
Name: Tim Schmidt & Olle Schmidt
Online: 2020


This is a short excerpt from the 2016 video that was shown on Olle Schmidt's painting exhibition in Southern Sweden in the summer of 2016. The Tim & Olle Schmidt video cooperation was made of material found in a dumpster and later handled. The instrumental music was made for the occasion by T. At the exhibition also the "In The Studio" (2016) video was shown.

Upcoming: May - August 2020 "In The Studio" is shown at Olle Schmidt exhibition on Kulturens hus in Luleå, in the very north of Sweden.

*The full length version of this video shall probably also be uploaded onto the internet at some point.