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This is

Tim Schmidt blog, news and archive hole momentarily run by Catalyst, Umbrella & Org. Tinar Records and Tim Schmidt.

First post

OK, let's give this just another try, I start over once again. Because I don't know how to make home pages. Or well, they disappear and pop up like clouds on a sky. Kinda.

But yes, it's fun and I will probably fill it, once again, with all that has been promised already somewhere...;

fingerpicked folk to naïve and quirky instrumentals, video- and sound collages, unreleased music and photographs of the city and the romantically broken and shacks on the countryside, old things accidentally bough... once in a few months or more often Schmidt also writes. Something. There are rather texts on art, that is on occasion being being published in Sweden; art critique about contemporary art exhibitions in Berlin for Swedish magazines, Schmidt has been mostly in

​.but, enough about nothing.

Tim Schmidt Red blurry ocean
Tim Schmidt homepage 2019-2020

I better start pulling home tracks back online to this new blog.

Blue Moon music release and video, Berlin 2019.

#bluemoon #aboutschmidt

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