I am In A Dream (2020)?

Is A New Album Likely To Be Released By Tim Schmidt In (2020)?

Yes. from having had my mind set on an instrumental album 2020 I have made a 90° turn & my next target IS TODAY TO BE releasing something completely different instead.

Different, how?

Twelve early folk poppy songs recorded in Sweden and UK in 2003-2008. Most of them as a one-man band with loads of crazy over-dubS AND CATCHY MELODIES!
THE ALBUM THAT WOULD STAND OUT THE MOST FROM USUALLY RELEASING ACOUSTIC FOLK and recently mostly instrumentals. That would be Something different.

Their titles don't give away much of the sound but bear somehow lighter titles than before. They have been named things like:

Jetplane, You Are Just Like A Child, Time, Chasing the Wind, God Only Knows, I Am In A Dream, Thin Air & Blank Sheets, Love & Death, Thoughts In Ink, Steps Of The Waltz, Barbed Wire Fence.

I believe no one else has heard all of them yet...

Will these songs land on some kind of release in 2020?

This would be the first time all of these recordings have bene presented on streaming platforms.

Are these songs unreleased?

These are songs and rec's that are either totally unreleased or THAT WAS SOMEHOW published at some point via internet, Radio, Media. Some of the tunes were temporarily released in 2018-2019 only as the "Temporary Release" exclusively on BandcamP, and if not on SOME CD. simply at some place and point in time.

So what does "I am in a Dream" mean? And is that the title of this album you are mentioning?

time will tell

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