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Let in The New Day - Painting by Olle Schmidt after Song by Tim Schmidt? In Leipzig, Pforzheim & SWE

Is it a song, painting, video or perhaps an exhibition piece? Let in The New Day is not just one "thing" in this realm, it seems. More in the article below, where young Schmidt's father Olle Schmidt takes to the paint brush to utter the words: "Let in the New Day". Schmidt takes to Pforzheim and Leipzig armed with that sentence in the magic bag.

Painting? Song?

Yes, one of my songs became a painting by my father, Olle Schmidt. The lyric had worked itself into the painting, somehow. The painting is momentarily on show at Galleri Hälleforsnäs [SE} from May 8 to June 6.

To follow a few easy steps: Go put that tune in your headphones and go buy the painting now. Fav, Share or Download the tune. It is very appreciated. It is to be found on streaming services and on Youtube. Go Get That Painting! When it is gone, it is gone. So perhaps... see you there.

The song can be found on Slower Things CD, Leipzig, Sweden, or on platforms i.e. Spotify

Let In The New Day - On Video?

On YouTube there are at least two live videos of the acoustic tune. Like whilst on tour passing by for BE Audio-Loft-Gig in Pforzheim in April 2010 & the material from the night Tim Schmidt + House of Wolves | Rey Villalobos (US) at Wächterhaus LU99 in Leipzig, 2011). Now it is in the art world, too /-> Olle Schmidt 🏃‍♀️

Let in the new day at BE Audio Loft, Pforzheim, 2010

Let in the new day at Wächterhaus LU99, Leipzig, 2011

- - - - - -

Check out more about the LU99 in Leipzig also in the ARTE YOUROPE TV SHOW

Yes, many greetings to all. checking in, and to you who assisted in making these videos and the painting a reality, of course. Cheers!

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