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Tim Schmidt blog, news and archive hole momentarily run by Catalyst, Umbrella & Org. Tinar Records and Tim Schmidt.

Maria, Just Like the Wind - Tune on Hamburger Küchensessions CD & Vinyl


A look into the archives displays a live video of Tim Schmidt playing some acoustic tunes in a Hamburger kitchen. Jens Pfeifers sessions became a festival.

Here is the song Maria, Just Like The Wind recorded live at the Hamburger Küchensessions, 'twas later released on their Vinyl/CD/Download.

Double Vinyl/CD

Find the Hamburger Küchensessions double Vinyl/CD @ KOMBÜSE Schallerzeugnisse / Hamburger Küchensessions in Hamburg. It is also to be found on the usual suspects... major streaming sites.

Hamburger kuchensesions

Above image by Hamburger Küchensessions

And the video on Youtube

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