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Tim Schmidt blog, news and archive hole momentarily run by Catalyst, Umbrella & Org. Tinar Records and Tim Schmidt.

May Collage / Experimentations with TV in North-West Germany / Instrumental collage reappears


January 2022: May Collage or Experimentations with TV, an instrumental tune that was recorded by Tim Schmidt in Germany May 2017, today reappear online.

Swedish born Tim Schmidt´s musical language is ranging from folk to soundscapes... Early on compared to Nick Drake, Michael Hurley and Jeff Buckley... But of late, as on this music collage from 2017, his live recorded sessions of organic folk music has been entangled in a web of pumporgan-fueled & cinematic soundscapes, connecting his experiences from countrysides and metropolises without apparent order. These later instrumentals are backed up by soft doo-whops and colliding with old-time twang and folk, portrayed with the naïvety in line with John Lurie, Daniel Johnston and Philip Guston. The landscape meets the metropolis. The song was recorded in Glückstadt, Germany in 2017.

Schmidt has toured extensively across the EU and released 7 albums on indie-labels in Canada, Germany and Sweden. Available for streaming. Be sure to tune in to his remarkably intimate catalogue of recordings. The instrumental collage or 'song' was released temporarily on music site Bandcamp, in September 13, 2019. But was taken offline sometime after. Today, Jan 29 2022, it reappears on the site. Listen in and read further, below.

*"May Collage" slipped out as a temporary release back in June 2017 on the album Temporary Release, but has not been released anywhere since. (What I know of!). At some point it was taken offline, before doing any promotion about it. Again it reappears through his Bandcamp site at in Jan 2022.

Here is the art work made about the same time in North-West Germany, 2017.

Tim Schmidt, art work for music in North-West Germany

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