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This is

Tim Schmidt blog, news and archive hole momentarily run by Catalyst, Umbrella & Org. Tinar Records and Tim Schmidt.

Acoustic Videos. Dove, Blue is your name, Over that hillside and never before heard Limelight

2020, BERLIN

All the songs and words was written by Tim Schmidt 2008-2011. 

Topic: Music Archive
Format: Video x 4 / Song x 4 
Online: 2020

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The hunt backwards through the archive is still on. Before on Just Like Session Schmidt played a number named I Spend The Morning, 2012. This time it is about a few home video clips of picking and singing in the forest and in the city, in Copenhagen and Sweden. Now on Youtube.

Acoustic live versions of songs Blue is your name, Over that hillside, Dove, Limelight and I Spend the Morning got filmed 2008-2011. While all other tunes is also found in other versions on records; Slower Things (2010), Yaya River (2011), Dog (2012), I am in a dream: lost recordings (2020), only "Limelight" has remained unpublished. It is almost ironic with a title like that to remain unreleased.


OVER THAT HILLSIDE. Over That Hillside on one evening in Copenhagen (2011). The song was released on the Slower Things album in Leipzig 2010. It was also filmed live on the Hamburger Küchensessions video sessions in Hamburg in 2011 (also on Youtube). This version is however another.

BLUE IS YOUR NAME was released on the Yaya River album for Thanks for the Postcard label in Leipzig/Montreal back in 2011. It was also filmed on the Hamburger Küchensessions video sessions in Hamburg in 2011 (also on Youtube). This is a version of the song on one evening in Copenhagen sometime 2010-2011. The video on YT:

DOVE. You recognize the title? Heard another version of the folky tune, perhaps? On another night, much like this one, Dove was recorded & released on Dove released on Dog album (2012), released from Malmö in 2012. You always wanna fly with your ball and chain...

LIMELIGHT. It is almost ironic that a tune named Limelight would remain unreleased. So here it is. An unreleased tune recorded one night in 2008. It was in one of the forests in southern Östergötland, bordering to Småland. True case. (Video removed, temporarily perhaps).

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