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My Sugar So Sweet Part II - The foundations of songwriting and sound

My Sugar So Sweet Part II

On My Sugar So Sweet Part II by Tim Schmidt one hear a soft, flowing instrumental haze of a tune. Samples and overlays appear along a somber voice. It is sparse but with an airy instrumentation. My Sugar So Sweet Part II was released out of Berlin in 2013. A blues song had been written years prior to this bearing its title, so a second part was made. This is a musical style where the artist is heard playing with the foundations of songwriting and sound. Seeming expanding the musical universe, somewhat from the folk noir. Well, this could be heard also in songs like Stupid habits, Hazy night, Blå måne, Hänga den på vattnet, too, which are all somehow related.

Tim Schmidt - My Sugar So Sweet (Part II) is streaming now on Spotify (and most other streaming sites). Find it below.

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