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Tim Schmidt blog, news and archive hole momentarily run by Catalyst, Umbrella & Org. Tinar Records and Tim Schmidt.

4 new relaxed and disturbing guitar videos by Tim Schmidt (2021)

-> 2021, JULY 8

CAMERA ON: slö musik on

"Here it comes" someone burped out from the corner of that long, rolling, table. "Brand new: guitar videos by Tim Schmidt, caught in the Berlin Office in 2021, was uploaded to YouTube in the past days. And we have found them", it burps. "They say it is slow music or something 'slö...', they say it comes from the forest, he's from some swamp way down south in Sweden, or something, and the pine seem to have rubbed off and the guy sounds like it".

Camera on! Slö musik on!

Audio became recorded, that's all.

documentation leaked: slow guitar music 4 (May XX 2021)

leaked: Slow Music / Slö Musik-video (May XX 2021)

Audio became recorded, that's all.

leaked: Pekfingervals (1)-video (May XX 2021)

Slow Guitar Slinger On Small Chair In Berlin (April XX 2021)

Yes, Tim Schmidt-figure was caught red-handed, fiddling around with it. The 'rare' documentation leaked came online July 1st-8th of this year. Short guitar instrumentals with the Swedish folk country feller's signature on it has bubbled up through the swamp. Somehow, some freak guitar fiddler in Berlin, in the name of Schmidt, Tim, picking the guitar for a first time in ages. So what. A 15 minute ding. Lick your way towards the screen and wish for the Suction Plug Effect, I say. Wohhoola. Here we go again. Lattjo! In Swedish I´d guess the tunes to be some 'Pekfingervals', but I might certainly be wrong here.

The Stand-in impersonator of the Schmidt-character was to be played by Chairman Schmidt and Standman Schmidt, sharing the the role of 'Tim Schmidt', and this in a remarkably fashionable manner. Both bold and like kerosine on a cloud, Gee and Didi are stunning in their impersonation of the Tim Schmidt.

På svenska

Jo. Kameran var på och det blev kortisar. Ja vi har ju alla sett den vilda tågjakten och skatterna i djungeln, men har ni hört någonting som Slö musik, tidigare? Eller stampat mentalt till låtar som Pekfingervals, Caught Red-Handed, Fiddling Around, å sånt? Nej, de är visst heller inga dans-hits. Vi freakar ur som fan, vettu. Freak-gitarr, på några få minuter, några kortisar från helvetet att sända! Nej, det handlar mest om slumpen ska sägas. Hade inte rört gitarren på mycket länge och spelade en kvart eller halvtimma. Det var det hela. Med samma layed back-utförande, tonalitet, och stil formades några melodier. Det var någonting att ta sig för. Det var avslappat därför att musiken gjordes medan den spelades, och för att den inte hade ett visst ändamål mer än det som kommer direkt från att skapa någonting från tom luft. Nej, inte fläckfri fröstår. Kameran var riggad. Så att jag kunde minnas och spela det opp. Men den var bara på i en kvart, videos skapades iallafall inte med ändamålet att vara perfekt, så långt kan vi knyta våra band samman.


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The Schmidster is found here at (best through computer) But, per favore, don't mind the shoes. It is dirty but you are welcome. On Spotify there is a collection of releases from the last decade. Find them outsider folk country tunes or instrumental soundscape pop also on Bandcamp, where you don't have to 'log-in' or sign up, it is just to click on the music and it will play. <-.

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*Might be updated with more videos

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