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Tim Schmidt blog, news and archive hole momentarily run by Catalyst, Umbrella & Org. Tinar Records and Tim Schmidt.

Songs - On the Yaya River & River - One Song Two Takes, Years Apart. Entwined.

One Song, Two Takes, Years Apart.

Recordings Yaya River (on the Yaya river album through Thank for the Postcard, 2011) and the recording of River on the archive album draw similarities too big not to mention. River was written and recorded by Tim Schmidt and was released digitally on the Everything That Happened album (2019). It is a version of a tune named Yaya River 2011.

YaYa River was released on the YaYa River album 2011 by Nicolas Huart on the Thanks for the Postcard label in Leipzig.

The drawing on the yaya river cover image was made by Swedish artist Jeff Olsson.

The lyrics are to River are easy:

See how the river runs

wild in the lone wolf

see how he's floating past now

on driftwood from the childhood

put yer eyes on the road now boy

put yer eyes on the road my friend

Tim Schmidt's Yaya River CD by Thanks for the Postcard
Yaya River by Tim Schmidt - Image by Thanks for the Postcard, Leipzig 2011

The Thanks for the Postcard CD is unfortunately Sold Out.

But find Yaya River & River on streaming platforms and YouTube.

Other resources for stuff made in the same wholesome kinda cotton could be:

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Skön afton!

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