From The Vault: Thoughts In Ink - An Unreleased Pop Tune from 2006 (only available here)

What is one to think of a title like "Thoughts In Ink - An Unreleased Pop Tune from 2006"? Well, I am not sure. The tune however is really catchy. And it is only to be found here through this youtube link. As of today.

It has not been released elsewhere before (except for on MySpace, and CD). Go ahead have a sneak peek into the vault.  

Thoughts in Ink

Thoughts In Ink by Tim Schmidt is to be found here below with an image and a title Stücke (From the German for: pieces). The song was recorded in Boet, Sweden 2006.

*Disclaimer. The song was earlier. On a CD. This is however, an not yet digitally released LP from 2006. Probably it was public in the hectic MySpace days 2006-2008, and perhaps on the temporarily released album Temporary Release in 2016-2017.

But hey, let's conclude that it has almost not been aired since 2006.

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