Tim Schmidt Blå måne [single]



If you ever wondered if Schmidt wrote songs in his mother tongue Swedish, the answer is to be found here in a handful of dirty sounds recorded and now released as Blå måne, the single.

The imagery of the lyrics and that of Bene Rohlmann(s) exceptional re-enactment in the illustration to Blå måne draws the beholder to similar ideas. Thoughts of the city and the person by the moon, as is the words from the singer/talker is somehow reflected also in the image.

Blue Moon, You saw me standing there

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[på svenska]

Blå måne är en singel av Tim Schmidt som publicerades digitalt i december 2018. Berlinbaserade Bene Rohlmann skapade illustration som blivit omslag till låten. Tim Schmidt sjunger här på svenska. Låten finns att finna via alla stora streaming-siter.

Blå måne, du såg mig ståendes där

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