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This is

Tim Schmidt blog, news and archive hole momentarily run by Catalyst, Umbrella & Org. Tinar Records and Tim Schmidt.

Hear folk on Bandcamp & Spotify

Tim Schmidt's music / albums Slower things, Yaya River, Dog, TINAR, Permanent Vacation, Blå måne, Blue Moon, While pushing the blues away and Everything that happened. are available to listen to on most major streaming sites.

The playlist below, Introduction to Tim Schmidt, shares some 70 recordings of mostly folk songs released by the artist on the platform (Spotify).

Follow the playlist and the artist to keep up to date on releases in 2020.


If you prefer to listen or download you can of course do that on Bandcamp

Tim Schmidt's music / albums are also available on Bandcamp. Find these simply by clicking the play button below. Here one may also find CD's.

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