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"One of Them Branches" / Joined by Maja and Viktor [2008] / Analogsoul Adventkalender

Well yes, on the recording of One of Them Branches I was joined by fine folk. The song was recorded by Tim Schmidt [Vocals, Acoustic Guitar] with Maja Simonsson [Clarinet] and Viktor Löfvenius Electric Guitar in Bollnäs Sweden, 2008.

Played in the speakers when Schmidt won the Manifestgala prize to Best UNsigned act in Sweden on MySpace, then among 85 000 Swedish band accounts on the platform at the time, in February 2009 at Nalen, Stockholm.

One of them branches was released on the Analogsoul Adventkalender 2009 compilation out of Leipzig in Germany, in December that same year. Much later it was released on the album named Tim Schmidt - While Pushing The Blues Away (2019). Available on Spotify and most other streaming sites.

The video One of them branches was made up from rearranged parts in 2019.

One of them branches is also on the streaming sites.

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