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Schmidt: A Steady Stream of Songs have been Published on Youtube

Still image of young girl from the video of Tim Schmidt's Who Would You Run to?
Still from Tim Schmidt's Who would you run to?

In recent times I was publishing a steady stream of new videos and music on Youtube.

This is not a record in three acts is another kind of thing than a song. I was instead playing around with some other folk material [as mentioned on the blog already]. In Tape I-III short sounds of organ and tape and echo and that. Cannot remember when and where it was recorded. In Hänga den på vattnet groovy sounds of guitar and bass and mumbling voices in Swedish (or what was that trip about?) .

Earlier this year also two folk albums was released, containing 20 songs, recorded on different locations and countries over a ten year period [2006-2016].

It is simple to stream the music on Spotify

Tim Schmidt Everything is gonna be OK [2013] on

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