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Yes it might actually be the case that the Tim Schmidt will write something real here himself at some stage in the process. 

Here are blog posts on this website containing video.


Swede Tim Schmidt creates organic, soft & dreamy fingerpicked folk with layback vocals moving along with the guitar like a saxophone. Organic and rich in imagery, Schmidt´s music is a perfect blend between American and English folk traditions in line with Bert Jansch, Kurt Vile, Michael Hurley, Nick Drake & J.J. Cale. Tim Schmidt has released seven albums on indie-labels like Analogsoul in Leipzig 2009-2010, Thanks for the Postcard in Leipzig/Montreal 2011 and on his own Tinar Records in Germany, Denmark, Sweden 2012-2019.


As of late, instrumentals and soundscapes are entwined with his fingerpicked folk. ​Music spills into video collages and found sounds blend into  cocktails of rhythms; pump organ fueled rooms filled with typewriters and doh-wops. These tunes are like fairytales or short movies, sounding closer to John Lurie’s or Yo La Tengo’s music. 


Tim Schmidt has toured Europe since 2008 (solo concerts 2004- 2014) and released seven solo albums in Germany/Canada and Sweden since 2010-2019. The stor​ies uttered, often tales of obsessions, are told with a voice between Nick Drake, Michael Hurley & Jeff Buckley caressed by a dexterous 6-string fiddling. As a one-man-show, armed with a six string, suitcase and the intimately recorded songwriting, that possess a dreamlike veneer, he strikingly resembles the gentle art of a legend. 

After releasing music on Myspace and getting 150,000 visits, radio airtime on small channels across the globe and concerts across Europe Schmidt was awarded with the Best Unsigned Act on MySpace Award 2008 at Swedish indie music award show Manifestgalan 2009. 

In 2009, while living in Leipzig, ”debut” Slower Things was released on indie label Analogsoul out of Leipzig. In 2011 now from Copenhagen second YaYa River was released by Leipzig/Montreal Thanks for The Postcard. Schmidt has since then continued releasing - Dog (2012), Tinar (2013) and in 2014 5th album “Permanent Vacation: Archives 2007-2014”, a collection of previously unreleased tunes, was released.  on own Tinar Records. 


In 2018 swedish weird pop single Blå Måne was released. Second low key single Blue Moon was released early 2019. Two albums of unreleased folk songs named Everything that happened with music recorded in 2011-2016) and While pushing the Blues Away, with folk tunes recorded 2006-2010) followed in April 2019. 

Videos and unreleased music is updated/released often on Tim Schmidt´s Youtube channel Just Like Sessions 

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